Noah Breakspear

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In-Depth BP #5

I set a countdown on my phone and guess what! There’s only four million more seconds until indepth night! Now it looks like a lot but actually, it’s only 50 days. Honestly, I am so excited but quite nervous. I really want my photos to come out decent so I can make a published album and for that to happen I need some good weather. So whoever reads this, please pray for me! Just before spring break I met with Ms. Learmonth and she showed me how to enlarge the negatives in the dark room. Kudos to her for falling in love with something that she can teach to other people like me. I can easily tell how much passion she has for Film Photography and I inspire to keep my own passion for as long as possible. Photography is an art that can get you outside and into nature; going on adventures whenever you want!


I also handed in my own film to get professional developed until I can learn on my own and after coming back from my vacation the photos arrived! The suspense of opening the package and just hoping for the photos to turn out good is a feeling that everyone should experience once in their life. Apart from some photos that I took of my dog that came out SUPER out of focus, it was a great first batch! I’m actually really proud of some of the photos, especially because some of the best ones were portraits (something I still need a lot of practice on). I’ve already bought loads more film and bought some colour film as well for more Kodak summer vibes later on in April. I hope the weather cooperates!


*I have not had a meeting with my mentor last week but will have one this week and this post will be updated with the recorded conversation*


In-Depth BP #4

Week 7 already? Wow! This is honestly going by so fast! My in depth so far is taking huge leaps and I’m really excited for week 8 as so much is going on! I have finally finished shooting on my 24 exposure black and white film and given it to Kerrisdale Cameras at Coquitlam Centre to get it processed, developed, and printed which should be finished by this Wednesday. I have a wide variety of subjects that include some landscapes, macro, architecture, and portraits which I’m super stoked about. I am also meeting with Ms. Learmonth this Wednesday and Friday in block 2 to learn how to use the darkroom and the entire process of developing and enlarging images. This will be a great end to school just before spring break and a great lead into my trip to Cuba with band where I will be bringing along my medium format camera and get some cultural shots in Havana and other towns. Glad to see everything falling into place and excited for my new photos!


In-Depth BP #3

It’s already week five and I’m super excited! However, with the sudden downfall in snow, I have not seen Ms. Learmonth in a while. Quick breakdown: During our first meeting, she discussed using the dark room and she said that I need to come in at block 2 for two days and learn how to use it with the rest of the class. We both agreed on a Monday/Wednesday and I went on to emailing Mr. Quinto (my block 2 teacher) on skipping two classes for this opportunity. But when I woke up on Monday, the snow had covered the streets and I could barely get to school myself. I managed to get down to a bus stop and get to school but It seems like Ms. Learmonth had the same problem as me and couldn’t make it to school. Tuesday was a district snow day and on Wednesday we both agreed to do it the following day so we could both catch up on what we’ve missed. Yet, on Thursday when I walked into the photography class, A substitute told me she wasn’t here today. I’ve emailed Ms. Learmonth asking for a concrete time this week to meet up and I’m currently waiting for a reply. Even though this has set me back a week on my goals, I don’t regret it as I have learned that schedules don’t always go to plan and sometimes altercations must be made. On my own time, I’ve gone out and bought ILFORD DELTA 400 black and white film for both the 35mm and the medium format with 24 exposures. I plan on meeting up with some friends this week and try to get some portraits and other interesting B/W subjects. See you next week!


In-Depth BP #2

It’s been a hectic first couple weeks that’s for sure! The first few steps towards my goals were finding a mentor and actually finding a film camera that I could actually use. With the mentor, I have asked Ms. Learmonth, the photography teacher to help me with my endeavor. I looked out into the community but the main problem I saw with other possibilities was the fact that I need to have access to a dark room. I actually ended up emailing a past photography teacher who also offered to help me with portraits and product photography and I’ll be sure to meet up with her soon and learn some new aspects of photography. I met up with Ms. Learmonth during Tuesday CL last week and we discussed my goals and what I wanted out of this. This was where A Beautiful Mind helped me. We talked about how film photography is a very artistic concept to learn as you physically have to wait and anticipate for the photos to be developed. I mentioned the word “patience” and she completely agreed that having patience makes you stand out from other photographers. When discussing film cameras, she said that she preferred the medium format camera over the 35mm. We didn’t disagree, but we did differ in opinions as I much rather prefer the 35mm. Nonetheless, Ms. Learmonth is a lot more experienced than I am and has a better view of both cameras. It’s been a great start to In-depth and I’m stoked for what is to come in the near future.