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Romeo and Juliet Act ll Critical Response

In Shakespeare’s profound play, Romeo and Juliet, we are introduced to two “completely in love” protagonists who believe they are deeply in love with each other. With the evidence provided so far, I believe that Romeo and Juliet’s relationship resembles more of a “puppy love” connection. In the first act, Romeo and Juliet meet one another at a party and as soon as Romeo lays his eyes upon Juliet, he suddenly forgets all about Rosaline and becomes “star-crossed lovers” (Prologue.6). Firstly, Romeo has absolutely no idea the real meaning of love as he is solely basing his love for both Rosaline and Juliet on how beautiful they are. This is already solid proof that Romeo is not fully in love with Juliet quite yet. Romeo is also hopping from one girl to another. After he goes to the Capulet party just to see Rosaline, Romeo meets Juliet and says “  Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night” (l. 5. 52-53).On Juliet’s view of love, we see more maturity than we will probably never see in Romeo. She tends to process her feelings in situations a lot better than Romeo but soon starts to lose focus of her own personality. She begins to fall head over heels for Romeo and ends up making quite similar mistakes.


I believe that Kulich’s holds a very strong argument and is quite effective as its historically accurate for the time the play was written. Romeo and Juliet was written late 15th century in England and back in those times, there were no rules, restrictions or laws against underage marriage. In today’s society, we look down on Elizabethans for there particularly cruel ways of living. But put yourself back 500 years, and it would be completely normal. Looking at this idea as a whole, it is quite difficult to judge our history because our morals change drastically the more we live and the more life experiences we get.


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