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In-Depth BP #5

I set a countdown on my phone and guess what! There’s only four million more seconds until indepth night! Now it looks like a lot but actually, it’s only 50 days. Honestly, I am so excited but quite nervous. I really want my photos to come out decent so I can make a published album and for that to happen I need some good weather. So whoever reads this, please pray for me! Just before spring break I met with Ms. Learmonth and she showed me how to enlarge the negatives in the dark room. Kudos to her for falling in love with something that she can teach to other people like me. I can easily tell how much passion she has for Film Photography and I inspire to keep my own passion for as long as possible. Photography is an art that can get you outside and into nature; going on adventures whenever you want!


I also handed in my own film to get professional developed until I can learn on my own and after coming back from my vacation the photos arrived! The suspense of opening the package and just hoping for the photos to turn out good is a feeling that everyone should experience once in their life. Apart from some photos that I took of my dog that came out SUPER out of focus, it was a great first batch! I’m actually really proud of some of the photos, especially because some of the best ones were portraits (something I still need a lot of practice on). I’ve already bought loads more film and bought some colour film as well for more Kodak summer vibes later on in April. I hope the weather cooperates!


*I have not had a meeting with my mentor last week but will have one this week and this post will be updated with the recorded conversation*

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