In-Depth BP #4

Week 7 already? Wow! This is honestly going by so fast! My in depth so far is taking huge leaps and I’m really excited for week 8 as so much is going on! I have finally finished shooting on my 24 exposure black and white film and given it to Kerrisdale Cameras at Coquitlam Centre to get it processed, developed, and printed which should be finished by this Wednesday. I have a wide variety of subjects that include some landscapes, macro, architecture, and portraits which I’m super stoked about. I am also meeting with Ms. Learmonth this Wednesday and Friday in block 2 to learn how to use the darkroom and the entire process of developing and enlarging images. This will be a great end to school just before spring break and a great lead into my trip to Cuba with band where I will be bringing along my medium format camera and get some cultural shots in Havana and other towns. Glad to see everything falling into place and excited for my new photos!