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In-Depth BP #2

It’s been a hectic first couple weeks that’s for sure! The first few steps towards my goals were finding a mentor and actually finding a film camera that I could actually use. With the mentor, I have asked Ms. Learmonth, the photography teacher to help me with my endeavor. I looked out into the community but the main problem I saw with other possibilities was the fact that I need to have access to a dark room. I actually ended up emailing a past photography teacher who also offered to help me with portraits and product photography and I’ll be sure to meet up with her soon and learn some new aspects of photography. I met up with Ms. Learmonth during Tuesday CL last week and we discussed my goals and what I wanted out of this. This was where A Beautiful Mind helped me. We talked about how film photography is a very artistic concept to learn as you physically have to wait and anticipate for the photos to be developed. I mentioned the word “patience” and she completely agreed that having patience makes you stand out from other photographers. When discussing film cameras, she said that she preferred the medium format camera over the 35mm. We didn’t disagree, but we did differ in opinions as I much rather prefer the 35mm. Nonetheless, Ms. Learmonth is a lot more experienced than I am and has a better view of both cameras. It’s been a great start to In-depth and I’m stoked for what is to come in the near future.

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