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In-Depth Blog Post #1

For my In-Depth project this year, I decided to dive into the depths of Film Photography. As you may all know, I have a very strong passion for photography as last year I focused on narrowing my photography skills. I feel like this is an excellent opportunity to become familiar with the schematics and fine-tuning aspects of Film. Film Photography requires an immense amount of patience and will power making the photographer wait through the entire process of producing magnificent images. Choosing this as my In-Depth this year allows me to become more versatile with the aspect of photography as I will soon be able to say that no matter what circumstances I am in, I can still capture beautiful photos. For the mentor aspect, I am planning on meeting with a couple of photography teachers around SD43, mainly looking at Gleneagle, Heritage Woods, and Charles Best as they all have usable dark rooms. In the case that they are unable to help me, I plan on talking with PDPC and more specifically my mentor from last year, Garry Johns, who will be able to point me in the right direction.

By the end of April, I hope to have a great selection of film orientated photos, allowing me to choose the best that I want to present on In-Depth night. I also plan on creating a published album of my photos and get it printed for a physical copy of my endearing work of film photography. As for the actual presentation, I plan on making a short video of the process. I intend to have about 60 seconds of this video b-roll (short clips of myself taking photos to enrich the video), taking the photos into the dark room, and processing them. The last 30 seconds will be the images themselves. I vision a sort of “the steps to create these pictures” as it begins outside, then into the dark room, and with all the time you put in, you come out with a stunning photo.  

This project will be an amazing opportunity and I am thrilled to study Film Photography for the next few months.

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