Noah Breakspear

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Zip DOL #2

What have you done to make retrieving evidence and research easier in class?

In the last couple of work blocks we have had in class, I have struggled with finding solid evidence of how to tell stories without using words. I have many different resources with examples of people taking photos of events and having a short description beside it, but I’m finding it difficult to locate resources that can give me tips with my inquiry. As I’ve learned in the past, photography is a skill that usually requires context behind it. For an example, social media websites. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest; they all have one thing in common and that is captions. After posting a photo, it gives you the option to add a caption describing the photo or maybe saying a quote of some sort. This is the reason my ZIP! could become very difficult. However, I have reached out to some friends and family who know a lot about photography and asked them if they could point me in the right direction. After talking with them, I have started to look more at news articles and more specifically photojournalism (something in which I look at for a future career). With making this slight change in resources, I have found many new examples of my inquiry, allowing me to find more valuable evidence.

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