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Zip Proposal


What type of descriptive language makes an effective story?

Storytelling without words. Sounds crazy, but definitely not impossible. That’s exactly what I would like to learn. The skill and ability to create a story with only a title is skyrocketing in the photography industry as it enables viewers to stare at a single photo and wonder what it took to capture that image.  I am choosing this area of interest because photography is one of my many passions. It requires the perspective and the risk-taking to get the beautiful images you desire. I believe that I am a great photographer as I show the willpower to infuse into our world and capture moments. I am willing to fight for an outstanding image and not quit until I am satisfied. However, I struggle with storytelling and capturing a specific moment that has a story behind. When audiences view my photos, they should not only gaze at the photo, but query about the challenges and risks taken to create such photo. Zip is an amazing opportunity to not only improve my English writing but to apply it to my passion. Furthermore, If I have any questions about my project, I can reach out to many sources of information. Garry Johns, my mentor for last years indepth, is a phenomenal photographer and I have kept in contact, allowing me to approach him whenever I need help capturing an image. For the storytelling aspect, I was thinking about approaching Michelle. Her writing abilities astonish me, and I would love to ask for a few tips and tricks to enhance my writing. Another resource that could be great use is National Geographic. They frequently upload photos that have unmistakable stories behind. NatGeo is a great place for becoming inspired and will unimaginably set me on my journey. In this case, I plan on presenting my overall learnings in a artistic representation/video. I envision my so-called “station” to be a casual conversation between me and my audience. I would like to have some of my own photos to display, and have my audience member attempt to create a story using that image.


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