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    1. My footprint: 9.4
    2. Valerie: 14.75, Sarah J: 14.85, Albert: 7.46, Grace: 9


  • The ten actions that increase my footprint are:


    1. Showers are 3-6 minutes or baths are ½ full.
    2. Clothes are bought brand new for me or by me.
    3. Hardly wears ½ of my clothes that I own.
    4. Our garbage on a typical day fits into a basket.
    5. I travel in a car.
    6. I spend more than an hour in a vehicle.
    7. Some of our food is grown in BC.
    8. Lots of land has been changed to allow me to do activities.
    9. We wash our car once every three weeks.
    10. I need a lot of equipment for my activities.



  • The 5 actions I will attempt to change.


    1. Showers
      1. After doing a huge lesson on water distribution, I realize now how important it is to cut down on our water usage. Every minute, a shower uses seven litres of water and since my showers are around six, that’s 42 litres of water gone.
    1. I travel in a car
      1. Since I take part in many activities, I need my parents to drive me. I have only started to think how much gas and pollution goes into the air from one car.


    1. I spend more than an hour in a vehicle
      1. Connecting to the point above, I need to travel A LOT. Some of the places I need to get to are quite far but a couple are close enough for me to travel in a different way.


    1. Some of our food is grown outside of BC
      1. I wasn’t fully aware of this problem until doing a bit of research and asking my parents as I found out this is a huge problem. Buying food in BC is a better option as the entire process of food being deported causes a lot of pollution.


    1. Washing the car once every three weeks.
      1. Also connecting to the shower problem, washing your car whether it’s with a hose or a drive-in, it uses a plethora amount of water. And for what?



  • How I will do it


    1. I will try my best to have shorter showers between 1-3 minutes.
    2. I will take the bus more often.
    3. If the destination is close enough, I will walk to it.
    4. I will go to the food store with my parents and try to get food grown in BC. I will also attempt to grow some food in my backyard.
    5. I won’t clean the car unless it’s absolutely necessary.


  1. At the very beginning, I thought it would be quite easy to do some of the alterations. The showering became very easy indeed. I would set a timer on my phone for 3 minutes and as soon as rings I would turn off the water. Over time, I changed the timer to 2.5 minutes and then only 2 minutes. This is still working for me and going from 42 litres to only 14 is actually a huge difference. Walking to nearby activities is also working quite well. It has helped me become a lot more active and It has also allowed fewer fumes to travel into the air.


  1. One huge challenge that I faced was taking the bus more often. I am not fully knowledgeable about the bus stops and where each bus goes, so it’s difficult for me to know where I’m going. It also really hard to plan my trips. Taking the bus definitely adds a lot of time on my journey and this has sometimes affected me getting to school on time! Luckily, I have slowly adapted to this new change and I believe my footprint has decreased quite a bit.


Obstacles I faced

A huge obstacle I encountered was buying food that was grown in BC. A lot of the daily essentials of food that my parents buy are from the USA and across seas. This was a struggle as I couldn’t keep to my goal. Also, since I needed to buy food for stein that is in bulk and already dehydrated, it was absolutely impossible to find food that was grown in BC.


What I will do in the future

In the future, I plan on growing my own food such as vegetables and fruits. This would decrease my footprint by a lot as I would be spending less money, and be growing my own food right in my backyard. I will also do a bit of research on the bus stops and make small timetables so I am able to take the bus effectively, without being late or disorganized.