I can’t believe it’s already week 7! This is insane! Time flies when you’re hard at work i guess. So far, I’ve gotten quite a bit done which includes learning a lot more about my DSLR camera. At the very beginning, I walked into In Depth thinking I was semiprofessional. I can now see that I was clearly over confident. Garry has been a huge help. He’s taught me so much about my camera and how to take photos. He has very nicely convinced me to take more RAW photos of literally anything! I’ve included one at the bottom and it’s only just a bench but I managed to make it look stunning.


What has been my most difficult mentoring challenge so far?  Why?

The most difficult mentoring challenge so far would probably be the meetings. An hour sometimes isn’t enough and I believe that Garry feels the same way. It’s also been a struggle because Garry hasn’t filled it the criminal record check until recently so I haven’t been able to go anywhere to take photos other than my house. however, this Wednesday we will be going out to take a lot more photos of a lot different subjects which will be fantastic!


What is working well?

Garry is so experienced and it’s amazing how much knowledge he possesses. He’s passed so much on to me that I definitely think I could publish some of my photos. At one point, I was struggling because I had no way to access Adobe Lightroom due to the cost. I have found a couple of alternatives that both Garry and I believe they’re better!


What can you work on?

Considering its already week 7, I feel like I should start taking more photos for the final project and think about what my theme is going to be and how to share it. I also think I could work on my time management. I need to be going out and taking as many photos as I can but I never find the time. I need to be on top of things a lot more for this project to succeed.


A lot has changed since my proposal and I think it’s for the better!