Well then! Eminent is already over! I swear, coming into this, I did not expect to have so much fun. My fellow classmates did an amazing job with their learning centres and I’m proud of all of them. Once I arrived home, I logged onto the Facebook Group Chat and it was blowing up! It was full of people congratulating everyone and saying what a night we all had. I got ready for bed, doing my nightly routine and closed my door. I turned off my lights and stared into blank space, already saying to myself, “354 days until next years!”


Overall, I believe I met my goals. If anything, I exceeded them! My Learning Centre looked AMAZING and I’m actually really proud of it as it completely looked like Winston Churchill’s desk. A few weeks ago, I said to myself ” I want my learning centre to be completed on time, to have a plethora of information displayed as objects, and have a successful interactive component. I   actually finished my project on the weekend prior to the night. It wasn’t very complicated, as I just needed to design and find many objects to resemble a desk in 1945. However, I did start my interactive component in the free block we had on the day! Thankfully, I just needed to cover a shoebox with paper and write some instructions. My next goal was quite successful. I used so many objects that not only looked aesthetically pleasing but displaces sounds and visuals to extend the amount of information portrayed(more in my document of learning). Lastly, my Interactive component. Well, this actually REALLY upset me. I asked people to write an inspirational message for a time capsule. No one, and I mean NO-ONE AT ALL, wrote anything serious. They thought it was a joke. It’s upsetting because you spend so long trying to make an amazing project, and when you show it to the public, they don’t take it seriously. I feel like I gave the Ilumini to much freedom giving them a pen!


Thanks so much to:

Mr. Morris,

-For Inspiring us and assisting us throughout the whole project.

Mr. Salisbury and Ms. Mulder,

-For giving me tips and supporting my ideas.

My mother and father,

-For giving me confidence in myself every day.

The grade 9’s

-For being by my side, giving me inspiration.

The grade 10’s

-For presenting their speeches and giving me their knowledge on eminent.

And to Sir Winston Spencer Churchill

-For Never giving up in the most difficult times.

I loved Eminent, I expected it to be torture, but thankfully I was wrong. Although the 7 weeks were very hard and stressful, the final outcome was fantastic. I am excited for next years, and I’m already counting down the days!