Here are the top 5 links I used for my study of my Eminent Person, Winston Churchill.

“Winston Churchill.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 29 Nov. 2017,

The Wikipedia page has almost everything I need, as it is the home to all the information. It includes small and minor details that I may not have found anywhere else.

“Winston Churchill.”, A&E Networks Television, 20 Nov. 2017,

This website was a bit different from the rest, having more of Winston’s point of view. With the Biography style, I received more opinions, thoughts, and feelings that were not found in the other pages.

Nicholas, Herbert G. “Sir Winston Churchill.” Encyclopædia Britannica, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 15 Nov. 2017,

This Britannica page on Winston was quite impressive, having such a detailed and interesting description of Winston’s full life story. It has all the information from a young lad, to his dying day.

The International Churchill Society -.” The International Churchill Society,

This website is the official organization for Winston Churchill and has plenty of infographics that are useful and give a distinct aesthetic towards the page.

“International Churchill Society Canada.” International Churchill Society Canada, 2006,

This website does lack the amount of information but has very detailed descriptions of Winston that I struggled to find on other websites. It is very concise and is easy to understand for all readers.