After reading this short story, I believe that Sam’s actions did not make a positive impact on the people around him. For him to say “my dad is dying” is probably the last thing he should have said. This statement caused a terrible worry in everyone’s lives which makes people unstable, insecure, and maybe uncomfortable around Sam and his family. In other words, his lie caused drama in other people’s lives that can keep things interesting. It creates a huge sensation making you think that you are important. For a first-hand example, all of the friends of Sam’s dad gave him compliments and lasagna. The compliments were just for show because if his dad weren’t “dying” then they would never have made Dave feel good. This could be considered a positive impact of Sam’s lie, but from my point of view, once the truth travels, everything will eventually go back to how it initially was, and it is likely to become worse for his father. People may think less of him as he was involved in the lie. On the other hand, Sam’s mother did slow down and enjoyed life more instead of rushing around attempting to zip through life. I believe that this is the only positive outcome of the lie. Otherwise, the lie that Sam has portrayed and continued for too long has had a very negative impact on the community. What Sam did in the class was utterly irresponsible, unaccounted for and outright wrong. The lie could have ended up at an appalling stage if the truth was not told. He could have faced his fears and show his class the truth. He intended the lie to be a small thing, but one lie leads to more and more untold truths. Big or small, lies are lies.